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Works by Mihai VASILE

I once was waiting for the bus on a rainy day.

I like rain. It showers me with special feelings I normally don’t get wet. It’s kind of a nostalgic mood coming down "like tears from the sky", as Mr. Sting says in his "Fragile" wonderful song.

On that rainy day, while I was waiting for the bus, a dog saw me lonely. I looked at him bored and I indifferently called him. He kept prudent the distance and squinted at me with the head turned elsewhere. He conceived me. He stood up and slowly came smelling his steps by bowing head. As he got closer, the tail began to tick-tack. He smelled my shoes and nestled in front of me with his head up, looking for my look.

I was amazed. I looked at him, he looked at me and suddenly it seemed like we know each other since the beginning of the world. By instinct, I gently touched him on his head. He was fawning under my hand slowly blinking his eyes trustful. And I don’t know why, just looking at each other, for about one or two minutes, we both shared that nostalgic mood I was telling you about.

Then the dog stood up again with a bow and tripped away with the rain on his back, stepping through the bogs of the sidewalk, like he just made an important decision.

I remained smiling. I was not alone anymore. Somewhere, inside me, nestled in my mother’s arms looking for her look, the child I used to be was twitching the sleeve of my soul. And, seeing me as the kid running through the bogs of the sidewalk, my first thought, like an important decision to make, was to Bless The Beasts And Children.

The sky had opened, the dissolving clouds revealed a delicate light and no matter how much I like rain, there’s "Nothing Like The Sun", as Mr. Sting entitled his wonderful album.